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As a nougat lover, I wanted to design a new and more dynamic packaging for this snack bar, with original tastes that I would combine. During this personnal project, I also wanted to experiment with AI as a way to speed up and improve my workflow. To illustrate my packagings, I used MidJourney to generate images with the foods found in my nougats. Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program.

Here are the results of my packagings combined with some AI generated images.

Nougat packaging with chocoloate and orange Nougat packaging with almond and raspberries Nougat packaging with candies A selection of nougat packagings

Below are some sample images generated by MidJourney. I used some of them in my creations but I had to heavily use Photoshop to remove unnecessary elements and correct all the defects.

Compared to a normal compositing process, I could quickly generate ideas and first visuals with the AI but lost some time in Photoshop to have something actually usable. So at this point, I think AI is great for quick and rough drafts but not yet for professionnal images that we can directly use in our projects.

I'm sure the time will come and, at this moment, we will have to adapt and integrate AI into our daily workflows.

MidJourney AI homepage AI generated images

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