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Myrtild Carton is the specialist in the trade and manufacture of furniture for the Horeca sector. Myrtild offers a wide range of products: chairs, stools, tables, benches etc... some of them custom made. The company asked me to refresh their website. They wanted a cleaner and more simple look along with specific features.

Their old website was clearly not in today's standards.

Old website with red background

I started by refreshing their old logo and choosing the colors and the fonts for the project.

Logo, typography and colors.

Then, I built them a website as clean and simple as possible with the use of many white/grey spaces and some colored elements here and there.

Website homepage with a green sofa.
Website homepage with white products tiles.
Website homepage with a green sofa.

The client wanted their visitors to be able to add their favourite products in a cart and then ask for a quote.

Quote request form

To add this feature (cart and quote) to the site, I coded several custom pages in Javascript in the Wix code editor and used some tricks in the backend.

Easy backend table to manage the products.

I built the website on Wix because this platform is easy to use and maintain for the client. Below, you can see the user-friendly database the client can use to manage his products on the website.

Custom code to improve site experience

The whole webiste is responsive and simple to use on mobile. The visitors can easily browse their catalog and request a quote for the selected products.

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