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Emilie de le Court is a physiotherapist in Kortenberg. To start her business, she needed to build her online presence with a dynamic new logo and website.

For the logo, she was looking for something dynamic and feminine. She liked her scout totem, the "Xerus" (an african ground squirrel) so I decided to give it a go. She likes the result and this squirrel logo matches perfectly her needs.

Logo make up on grey background Logo of green squirrel on  grey background

For the colors, I chose a combination of green and purple, dynamic and feminine. I used them on many supports like her business cards, parking sign, website, etc...

Green business cards on a purple background

Regarding her website, like the logo, Emilie wanted something simple and attractive with her informations and ways to contact her and book an appointment.

Website showcase

To illustrate the website, we took pictures of her medical office as well as physiotherapy sessions

Pictures of a physiotherapist Girl in purple jumper holding the shoulder of a man

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