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We want life in the theater, and theater in life.

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Just'en scène is a NPO created by Justine Mauroit and Production Associés Asbl. Just'en scène provides theater workshops for children as well as scenic coaching and space rental for exhibitions and shows.

For the logo, the client was looking for something timeless and not too "cliché". I came up with the idea of dividing the scene in 2. This way, we had the "J" shape of Justine's and Just'en scène's names along with curtains. The logo is flat with bright colors. The thick sans serif "J" letter contrasts well with the name and brings balance to the whole.

Grey logo on grey background. Logo on a sheet of paper. Logo and inverted logo combined together to give the shapeof a theater. Animation of the logo. Colors used for the project. Colors used for the project.

The website uses the same colors as the logo. It's built on Wordpress, it's totally responsive and it gives the ability for users to book workshops or rent spaces through centralized forms.

With a relaxed and playful style, the site is aimed primarily at children and their parents. The website tree is as simple as possible in order to quickly sfind the workshop we are interested in and book it.

Mobile version of the website shown through mockups. Homepage of the website with a big banner.

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