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Fenidi Architects is an architectural office based in Brussels. It stands out by its contemporary designs in accordance with the current ecological and economic requirements.

The logo (aka logomark) is minimalist and is the subtle combination of two letters, "F" and "A".

Grey logomark of F and A on a grey background.

For the office, we chose orange and cyan green, two colors that go well together and represent the warmth of materials, inspiration and renewal of an architecture more in line with the world of today and tomorrow.

Black and orange logomark of F and A

The business cards are simple with a modern angular shape that represents a construction and a transition, both for the office and its projects.

Business card with orange and cyan green Hand holding a business card with cyan green

We used the same colors and the same style for the greeting card of 2023.

Folded orange and white greeting card Orange and white greeting card

In 2022, the card could be folded diagonally to stand on its own and have a nice modern building shape. The action of folding the card to reveal its standing shape allows the recipient to participate and brings a positive feeling to the experience and to the architectural office.

Folded orange and white greeting card Folded orange and white greeting card

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