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For more than 20 years Darek Construct has been delivering world-class construction. They have matured into an industry leader and trusted resource for those seeking quality, innovation and reliability when building or renovating in Belgium.

For the logo, we opted for a simple shape with the company initials. As the client often works with wood, the shapes in the logo represent the close interlocking of wooden planks...beautiful, solid and durable.

Grey logo on grey background

As for the color palette, we chose neutral and professionnal colors with a subtle reference to wood.

Color palette and typography White logo on brown background White logo on blue background

With the logo, the typography and the colors in mind, I applied the identity on various objects and t-shirts for the company.

Logo on a helmet Logo on construction tape

Here are the two variations of t-shirts for employees on construction sites

Logo on blue and brown t-shirts

Below, the visual identity applied to other elements (brochure, banner, website)

Brochure with a carpenter on the front side Banner on scaffolding Website mockup

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