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2022 - 2023

Pharmacie Chatelle is a family pharmacy located in Woluwe Saint-Lambert, a municipality of Brussels. Very attentive to their patients' needs, the pharmacy give them daily professional advices to take care of their health. Although the pharmacy wishes to remain small, the well-being of its patients is essential. In 2022, the shop undertook the improvement of its website. Elicla collaborated with The Fabrik agency to offer a complete web platform to its patients.

Pharmacie Chatelle website


The pharmacy's original website was running on an outdated version of Prestashop (1.6), an open source platform for e-commerce sites. We decided to strengthen the existing foundation by migrating the website to the latest version (1.7) and completely changing the outdated ergonomics.

Pharmacie Chatelle website

Our partner, The Fabrik, was responsible for migrating more than 10,000 pharmaceutical items to the new version and developing custom modules to facilitate online tracking and ordering of items :

The pharmacy website is linked to several external services.

The Fabrik also developed a REACT Native application to allow patients to scan their prescription and place an order directly at the pharmacy.

The pharmacy app

Meanwhile, Elicla was responsible for visually enhancing the website to make it simpler, more efficient, and more user-friendly.

Instead of starting from scratch, we based the design on the default theme of Prestashop 1.7 and added a visual overlay (a child theme) and adapted various elements to the pharmacy's needs.

Adaptation of Prestashop to the needs of the pharmacy. Colors and elements of the website.

This way, the new pharmacy theme is personalized while remaining flexible, scalable, and taking advantage of the latest updates pushed directly by Prestashop.

To reach a wider audience, the site is also fully translated into Dutch.

Various visuals

In addition to the layout, Elicla also created numerous banners and other visual elements (icons, colors, typography, images, buttons, etc.) that also contribute to making the site more enjoyable.

Flyers announcing the new website
Various banners published on the website


The pharmacy has interactive screens behind its counter.

To this end, Elicla has created some very short promotional videos to highlight the new website and, more specificly, the simple way to order online without paying or registering.

The videos were mainly intended for older audience not familiar with ordering online.


Pharmacie Chatelle has chosen a "human" communication approach by continuing to provide advice on-site, but the new website and the new communication made it possible to get closer to its patients and to gradually establish new habits among its clients. Indeed, customers now consult the pharmacy's platform more often for their orders and practical information, greatly facilitating daily operations.

Since the end of the project, Elicla and The Fabrik continue to collaborate to provide the best possible services to the pharmacy. The Fabrik is mainly responsible for site maintenance and adding new functionalities, while Elicla continues to handle the pharmacy's visual identity by creating various communication materials such as banners, videos, posters, etc.

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