Seven tips for better organic SEO

SEO Tips

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or organic search, consists in optimizing your website and its publications in order to be clearly visible on search engines such as Google or Bing. Here are 7 tips to stand out:

SEO Tips

1) Make quality

The first tip, and not the least, is to offer to the visitors quality content and an optimal experience. Content should be well written, interesting and ideally in multiple languages. As for your website, it must be pleasant, fast to load and "responsive", i.e. which adapts to the reading medium (GSM or computer). This is the most important and time consuming trick. It can be tedious when you are not familiar with it, but it is essential! All other tips will be useless if your content or site are of poor quality.

2) Choose the right keywords

The "Title" and "Meta Description" tags provide a short description of the content of a web page and have a strategic role: They must arouse the desire to click on it. Take the time to come up with a title and description that are consistent with your content. Add a few keywords and phrases that stir up curiosity ! Regarding the title and keywords, feel free to do some research to find the ones that will increase your chances among the thousands of other articles. There are many sites allowing you to refine your choice, but the important thing is not to choose too general words or there is a big risk of being drowned in the mass. For example, if your article is about a recipe for chocolate pie, prefer this title "Brown chocolate pie in 20 minutes" rather than "Delicious chocolate pie". Being more specific reduces your audience, but also your competition!

3) Prioritize

Google robots love when your content is well written (cf.1) and also when it is well organized. Headings, subheadings, and other text elements should be in a logical order. On the Internet, there is a syntax that allows you to indicate that the text is a title or a subtitle or even a simple text. These are called "HTML tags". The <h1> tag indicates a title, <h2> a subtitle, <p> a text, etc… The syntax is added automatically but it may be good to check from time to time if your title is like that <h1> My title </h1> and not like this <p> My title</p>. You now easily understand that a well-organized page will have the following syntax order: h1, h2, h3….p. If the tags are mixed up, search engines might conclude that your content is not hierarchical and therefore difficult to read.

4) Benefit from incoming links

Your website and your articles will enrich the World Wide Web and integrate with millions of other sites. In order to enrich the user's experience, it's recommended to refer the user to other websites that deal with the same subject. And if your content is of quality, you could gradually receive visitors from other platforms that have referred you. In other words, feel free to add links to other relevant articles that cover the same subject as you to gain traffic and visibility.

5) Benefit from social shares and increase visibility

If your content is of high quality (cf.1), your visitors will be more likely to share your article with their network, which will in turn share and so on. Again, you will gain traffic and visibility and become more and more credible (in the eyes of search engines). Do not underestimate this social aspect of the web and do everything possible to facilitate the sharing of your site and your articles. Do not hesitate to add sharing buttons at the bottom of your pages!

6) Complete Google My Business page

For companies with a physical address, do not hesitate to enter your activity on Google ( in order to increase your visibility even more. Via this portal, you can add your contact details, your website, photos and even publish news. Please note that to take advantage of this additional visibility on Google and in Google Maps, you must meet a certain number of conditions ( the most important is being in direct contact with customers at the times mentioned to Google. It's not meant for online-only activities…

7) Be regular and patient

Finally, the last tip and not the least is that there is no miracle recipe and that SEO takes time. Be conscientious and regular in the publication of your articles. Share as much as possible and let time makes its effect. If the main conditions are met, your business will gradually become better referenced.

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