Trends 2022 : What to expect ?

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Here are the 10 graphic trends not to be missed for optimal communication and visual impact!

1 - Minimalism

By popular belief, graphic minimalism means almost empty images typically in black and white. However, a new trend has emerged in recent years where designers propose more advanced and colorful compositions. The creations have more often de-saturated colors and geometric shapes carefully chosen and placed.

Minimalist tower on grey background


2 - More Inclusive Visuals

The racism events of 2020 and Black Lives Matter, for example, have highlighted the many social prejudices around the world. Beyond racism, it's all human diversity that has become a major societal issue that no one can ignore anymore. Communication industries have followed the movement, and graphic designers are now proposing many more creations in line with current values.

Drawing of a woman giving a sheet of paper to a kid

Vanessa Bowman

3 - Geometric Shapes

Increasingly, geometric shapes have made their appearance in the designs of 2021. And the trend is still going strong. Geometry has always been present in graphic design but has become more prominent over the past few years. Shapes can be simple and regular or can be mixed with all sorts of other elements to give visuals more interest and consistency.

Colorful geometric shapes

Kemal Sanli

4 - Computer Graphics as a Support for Data and Information

Data can be presented as graphs or pies (via Excel, for example), but infographics are the best option if you want something more eye-catching. To improve the readability and comprehension of the data, graphic designers present the data in efficient and simplified layouts. As a result, the reader can quickly and naturally get to the point. Considering the large amount of data we have to deal with daily, nice and simplified presentations are very important. If the information is too complex, the reader will often pay little attention to it.

Data visualization blue poster

Samuel Velasco/Quanta Magazine

5 - The Return of Serif Fonts

Serifs are the small extensions that close the ends of characters on traditional fonts instead of sans serif fonts that don't have these extensions, giving them more of a stick-like style. Forsaken in favor of younger, more modern styles, serifs are back, and the trend may well continue into 2022. This type of font evokes nostalgia and exudes elegance. Serifs add character and can be used to reinforce a brand's identity.

Drawing of a Woman with brown hairs

Alva Skog

6 - Flouting the Rules

About 5 years ago, the world of graphic design was dominated by a minimalist, polished style where everything had its place and logic. But the pandemic has come and gone, and the utopian aesthetic seems to be far gone. Life is no longer a long quiet river, but more often chaotic and unpredictable. This trend has materialized in the design by deliberately chaotic creations, far from the classical harmony.

Poster with many shapes and colors


7 - Social slide decks

Slides are simple presentations in steps, mainly on social networks. They are meant to be shared on social networks. Designers can use these slides to summarize ideas or highlight concepts. Slide decks are used a lot by B2C companies because they make the user more active (scrolling through the slides) and more likely to be interested in the message/product of that company.

Social Slide Decks

Zac Freeland/Vox

8 - Contemporary Medical Branding

With the COVID 19 pandemic and telecommuting, we have become more attentive to our overall health and wellness. As a result, many companies have taken advantage of this renewed attention to updating their image with more creative, cheerful, and colorful designs. Many of these designs also play an important role in the user experience, allowing users to swiftly find the right product.

Books and flyers with green and orange tints


9 - Colorful Icons and Illustrations

Another trend that will continue in 2022 is the use of colorful icons and illustrations. This isn't new, but several brands (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc..) have gone for this style. Most icons mean the same thing in multiple languages, making them very handy to convey messages. Illustrations often give more character to the visual and make it friendly and welcoming.

Drawing of people having an idea.


10 - Environment

In case you haven't noticed, the environment has been a focus in recent years and will undoubtedly be for a long time. Companies are strongly invited to rethink their models in a more sustainable logic. Putting green everywhere is not enough anymore, and we have to find other aesthetic ways to reflect the stance of these companies in favor of the environment. The challenge will not only be visual but also in the choice of materials and finishes.

Blue sweater on a full newspaper's homepage


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