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Looking for a versatile graphic designer for a visual identity or a website ?

Hi, I'm Quentin

I can create a cohesive and attractive image of your brand to help it stand out and inspire confidence. An impactful logo, a well thought out graphic charter, eye-catching visuals and a website are the key to growing your business.

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About me

I’m a rock climber and a climbing guide who loves to share his sport with others. I travelled a lot and discovered many countries, cultures and people. That’s why I decided to learn how to capture these moments and bought my first camera.

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In photography, I have preferences for landscapes, nature, black and white and travel memories. I enjoy going out in the wild, find the best and magic places and capture the sceneries that nature offers. I’m intimately convinced that technique, creativity and passion are the key to successful and captivating photos. Printing and holding the paper is also important to keep it real and not an Instagram fantasy :p

Man with a beard and a brown jacket holding a camera

I started editing my photos and, over the years, with practice, I gained experience and diversified into Graphic Design.

Gradually, word of mouth led me to create visuals and websites for various exciting projects.

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Then, feeling the opportunity to make a living out of this activity, I followed additional courses to complete my training. I learned a lot and had the chance to meet extraordinary persons who reviewed my work and gave me tips to improve myself. Nowadays, I earn a living out of these three activities mixed together and offer new and professional creations tailored to the needs of my clients.

Design Services

Brand Identity / Photography / UX / UI / Web / Document layouts & templates

Tools I use

Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Premiere Pro / XD / Lightroom / Visual Studio Code / Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint / Luminar / Nikon D750

Experience / Clients

Over 5 years of experience

I’ve been lucky enough to establish relationships and work with amazing clients, ranging from individual clients, through startups, to bigger companies from various sectors.


« It was a real pleasure to work with Quentin »

Frédéric Van Aerden / Noavista

It was a real pleasure to work with Quentin during the development of the logo and business cards for my Start-Up.
Quentin is someone who listen to its customers and who shows a lot of availability and flexibility.
His great efficiency combined with a real creative talent led to a result that I am happy with and for which I regularly receive positive feedback.

« The finished work is awesome ! »

Robin Harkay / Chef Robin

I asked Quentin for a new website.
He is really professional and he takes the time to listen to the ideas and expectations of the client.
The finished work is awesome. I highly recommend him. Thank you !

« Je hebt goed naar onze wensen geluisterd. »

EY / Krios Solutions

Wij danken jou voor het schitterend ontwerp van ons Hercules Trophy logo.
Je hebt met alles rekening gehouden: Een wapenschild voor onze “titanen", de Krios kleuren mooi weergegeven, voldoende creativiteit, maar toch heel sober gebleven en dit allemaal op relatief korte tijd.
Je hebt goed naar onze wensen geluisterd, en hier helemaal rekening mee gehouden. Mede dankzij jou blijft deze dag een schitterende herinnering en een groot succes !
Nogmaals bedankt!

« Une communication sans faille... »

DG Magic

J'ai fait appel à Elicla pour les retouches de mon shooting de magie (je suis magicien professionnel).
J'ai été très satisfait du résultat!
La collaboration s'est déroulée de manière optimale: Une communication sans faille et respect total des demandes avec un retour à chaque étape du processus.
Ainsi, de nouvelles collaborations sont déjà organisées! A conseiller!

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